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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) community gathered around table

Clinic for Open-Source Arts

We explore, support, and celebrate local and global efforts to make free and open-source tools that allow people to be creative with digital technology.

The focus of COSA is on free and open-source digital tools for creative expression. Free and open-source digital tools allow anyone with access to a computer to begin creating. We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and will especially focus on bringing women, minorities, and other underrepresented communities together as contributors to the ongoing innovation and growth of these tools.

Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) students in coding class


We foster and encourage new open source projects for the field, similar to Google Summer of Code, yet focused on the needs of artists/creatives. Mini-grants, residencies, and workshops focused on starting new open-source projects help shape and support the future of open-source arts. See how we can help support your project or favorite tool.

Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) group of women coding


We provide training and assistance in making tools more accessible through better documentation, examples, and multimedia tutorials—clearly communicating a tool's usefulness. Workshops and gatherings provide opportunities to improve community and allow people from varied backgrounds and abilities to contribute more easily and more often.

Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) group photo


COSA can help build a healthy community around new open-source tools by working with founders on how to develop an inclusive environment, understand how to provide and receive feedback, and support the many different types of people who might be adding to or utilizing the creative tool. Connect with the community and learn more about projects in development.

Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) students in coding class


Mentorship and guidance from COSA will provide projects with healthy organizational models, assist in funding, and strategies for building educational tools and community. COSA will also develop resources for projects with regard to making sure they are legally protected and following necessary license procedures to protect what they and others have created.


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