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Thomas Nail: Why the wall won't work

September 25, 2020

Professor Thomas Nail, who has written extensively on the topics of migration and borders, recently wrote an article for the online magazine Culturico  titled, "Why the Wall Won't Work."  

In this article, Nail dismantles the widely-held view that building a physical structure on the US Border would prevent unsanctioned human movement into the United States. 

Thomas Nail Podcast Interview 

April 12, 2020

Professor Thomas Nail sits down to talk Covid-19, Movement and Migration in "Politics of Movement with Thomas Nail," Undisciplined Podcast, interviewed by Nico Buitendag, 

Link to the podcast episode 

Naomi Reshotko at Marquette University 

February 2020

Professor Naomi Reshotko presented a paper entitled, "Ananke in Plato's Timaeus" at a conference in honor of the philosophical contributions of Professor Sarah Broadie at Marquette University in February 2020.