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Department of Philosophy

Meet faculty and staff in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Denver.

Faculty & Staff

Thomas Nail

  • Thomas Nail

    Thomas Nail

Sturm Hall 261
2000 E. Asbury Ave.
Web: / Twitter / Blog
Critical Theory at DU: Website / Facebook

Areas of Expertise/Research interests

  • European philosophy
  • political philosophy
  • philosophy of movement
  • history of philosophy

Current Research and projects

I am currently working on two series of books on the philosophy of movement. The first series is composed of six “core” books, each written with a similar organization on five major areas of philosophy: ontology, politics, aesthetics, science, and nature. The purpose of each book is to interpret its subject area from a  kinetic  or  process materialist  perspective.

The second series is composed of several books, each written on a major historical precursor to the philosophy motion.  This includes Lucretius, Karl Marx, and Virginia Woolf. Each book offers a kinetic interpretation and close reading of one of these figures as philosophers who made motion the foundation of their philosophy.

I am also working on an NEH funded transcription and translation project to publish the complete seminars of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's audio course lectures in collaboration with Purdue University and the Université de Paris VIII. For more information, visit our website, The Deleuze Seminars.

Professional biography

I am interested in developing a philosophy of movement. My work combines the insights of process philosophy and new materialism to develop a unique kinetic philosophy. My methodology is motivated by pressing contemporary concerns but also deeply rooted in historical and empirical research.  


PhD, University of Oregon
MA, University of Oregon
BA, University of North Texas



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