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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Political Science

Dr. Masket talks to foreign press about the Debate

Areas of Study

Course Schedules

  Winter Quarter 2019

ASEM 2404   Culture, Identity, & Politics  MW  2:00-3:50pm  Sara Chatfield  
ASEM 2463 Identity and Politics: Multidisciplinary Approaches MW 8:00-9:50am Elizabeth Sperber  
ASEM 2581 Forgiveness, Politics, & Film TR 12:00-1:50pm Nancy Wadsworth  
ASEM 2596 Politics of Reconciliation MW 4:00-5:50pm Jing Sun  
PLSC 1000    Intro to American Politics MW 4:00-5:50pm Laurel Eckhouse  
PLSC 1110 Comparative Politics TR 12:00-1:50pm Jesse Acevedo  
PLSC 1810 Introduction to Law & Society MW 2:00-3:50pm Nancy Billica  
PLSC 2001 Law and Politics MW 10:00-11:50am Nancy Billica Law
PLSC 2235 Politicized "Ethnicity" MW 2:00-3:50pm Elizabeth Sperber Comparative
PLSC 2260 Politics of Japan MW 12:00-1:50pm Jing Sun  Comparative 
PLSC 2410 American Government Simulation TR 8:00-9:50am Seth Masket American
PLSC 2630 American Political Thought WF 12:00-1:50pm Nancy Wadsworth American or Theory
PLSC 2701 Topics: Latino Politics in the US TR 4:00-5:50pm Jesse Acevedo American
PLSC 2830 Judicial Politics MW 10:00-11:50am Sara Chatfield Law
PLSC 2855 Conservative Politics & the Courts TR 10:00-11:50am Josh Wilson Law
PLSC 2870  Theories of Law MW  8:00-9:50am  Randy Wagner Law
PLSC 2901 Political Inquiry MW 12:00-1:50pm Laurel Eckhouse  
PLSC 3290 Capstone TR 2:00-3:50pm Josh Wilson  

  Spring Quarter 2019

**These classes are subject to change

PLSC 1810 Introduction to Law & Society WF 10:00-11:50am Josh Wilson  
PLSC 2001 Law and Politics MW 10:00-11:50am Nancy Billica Law
PLSC 2420 American Presidency MW 8:00-9:50am Randy Wagner American
PLSC 2460 Reinventing Europe TR 10:00-11:50am Lisa Conant  Comparative 
PLSC 2701 Topics: Contemporary Civics TR 10:00-11:50am George Nethercutt


PLSC 2701 Topics: Chicanx-Latinx Youth Resistance MW 12:00-1:50pm Johnny Ramirez


PLSC 2704 Topics: African American Political Thought TR 2:00-3:50pm Marcus Pohlmann Theory
PLSC 2820 Constitutional Law II MW 2:00-3:50pm Nancy Billica Law
PLSC 2901 Political Inquiry TR 12:00-1:50pm Amaleia Kolovos   
PLSC 3290 Capstone MW 4:00-5:50pm Jing Sun