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Department of Political Science

Scenes from Lund University

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Global Masters

The Department of Political Science at the University of Denver partners with Lund University in Sweden to offer a 5-year dual degree opportunity for students to extend a study abroad experience and earn a Master of Science degree in Political Science.

About Lund University

Lund is a city of approximately 100,000 residents in the south of Sweden, about a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lund University ranks 60th in the world for research universities.

Lund University's Department of Political Science has a permanent faculty of ~39 professors and 10-15 postdoctoral fellows who teach and engage in research.

Courses during the final year of Lund's Bachelors program (DU students' first year in Lund) and all courses in the Masters program are taught in English.

All study at Lund involves less time spent in class and more time independently engaging in assigned reading and research. Successful students will manage their schedule to complete work with less direct supervision than is typical at US universities.

first Three years at DU

  • 6 courses in PLSC* (24 credits)
  • All common curriculum requirements
  • All minor requirements OR all requirements for a second major
  • INTZ 2501 (2 credits) during junior year
  • 3.5 minimum GPA overall and in PLSC courses
  • Apply for Global Masters in PLSC by Nov. 15 in 2nd or 3rd year and study abroad by January 17 in 3rd year
  • 135 credits at DU

*Including one lower-division introductory course, one upper-division course in the sub-field of American politics, PLSC 2901, and three further upper-division courses in any sub-field as long as at least one is from either comparative/international politics, law, or political theory.

Fourth year at Lund University

  • Complete 60 credits (transfers as 48 DU credits) of political science courses and a bachelors thesis**
  • Apply for Lund MS program
  • Earn BA from DU with a major in political science (total of 183 credits)

** May qualify for departmental distinction for eligible students

Fifth year at Lund University

  • Complete 60 credits of political science courses and a Master's thesis
  • Earn MS in political science from Lund University

To apply:

Contact to obtain an application form. Please type your responses on the form and print the completed application. Sign the form and bring the signed copy to the Political Science office, Sturm 466. 

For more details about DU Study Abroad policies concerning this program, see this page on Global Masters Scholars.

Please contact the faculty advisor if you have any questions.

Faculty Advisor: Lisa Conant, Department Chair,