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Jing Sun

  • Jing Sun

    Jing Sun

Associate Professor
Sturm Hall, Room 472
Phone: 303-871-3818
Email: [email protected]

Areas of expertise/research interests

  • Japanese politics
  • Chinese politics
  • East Asian international relations

Professional biography

Jing Sun worked as a journalist and editor for Beijing Youth Daily from 1995-1996, as a foreign affairs correspondent for China Central Television in 1996, and as a journalist for the Xinhua News Agency from 1997-1999.

Sun also served as a consultant to the Denver Consul General of Japan from 2008-2011.

He has been with the University of Denver since 2006.


PhD, Political Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2005
MA, Political Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2000
BA, Journalism, Fudan University, 1997


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