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Spencer Wellhofer

  • Spencer Wellhofer

    Spencer Wellofer

Sturm Hall, Room 470
Fall 2014 Office Hours: TR, 12-2pm
Phone: 303-871-4115
Email: [email protected]

Areas of expertise/research interests

Democratization, global political economy, Europe, and political behavior.

Professional biography

Spencer Wellhofer was associate editor of the Journal of International Affairs from 1964-1965 and a Fulbright Fellow in Argentina from 1966-1967.

He also was associate editor of Social Science Journal from 1987-1981 and served on the editorial board of Comparative Political Studies from 1980-2005.

While at the University of Denver, Wellhofer has served as chair of the Department of Political Science (1981-1992), chair of the Department of Economics (1987-1989) and as director of the European Studies Program (1991-2003).


PhD, Comparative Politics, Political Sociology, Columbia University, 1971
MA, International Affairs, Columbia University, 1965
BA, Arts and Letters, Pennsylvania State University, 1963

Recent Publications

Democracy, Capitalism and Empire in Late Victorian Britain, 1885-1910. St. Martin's Press, 1996.

"Democracy, Fascism and Civil Society," in Rescuing Democracy: The Lure of the Associative Elixir, Sigrid Roteutscher, Ed. Studies in European Political Science, 2005.

"Votes and Votive Candles: Modernization, secularization, Church organization and the vote for the DC in Italy (1953-1992). Comparative Political Studies, forthcoming. (With Piero Ignazi)

"Dove vince La Lega" L'Expresso, 25 Marzo, 2010. (With Piero Ignazi)