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Department of Political Science

Dr. Wellhofer teaches at an alumni symposium

Department of Political Science

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Faculty Research Grants

Josh Wilson awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Collaborative Research: The Efficacy of Support Structures for Legal Mobilization

Sociolegal scholarship has shown how law schools and training programs provide necessary resources for movements seeking to influence the law, but it has done less to show how new movements can best access these institutions and what they offer. This project closely studies the contemporary Christian legal movement and its connections to legal education and training in order to respond to this important policy and scholarly question.

Nancy Wadsworth awarded Dean's Award For Excellence

This award will be used to further her research on youth activism

Elizabeth Sperber was awarded the University of Denver's Faculty Research Grant

Why – and how – has Pentecostalism emerged as a politically salient identity in some sub-Saharan states but not others since the end of the Cold War? In prior research, Dr. Sperber conducted extensive original data collection to document the important role that political parties have played in propagating or, in some cases, constraining, Pentecostal church networks within their borders for political gain. In her next study, Dr. Sperber shifts focus from the top-down influence of political parties to study the political attitudes and behavior of individuals and leaders across religious groups in Zambia, an officially Christian state where Pentecostalism is historically associated with one major political party.

The FRF award will support Dr. Sperber as she conducts a first round of research and finalizes her larger study protocol in collaboration with Zambian academics and community leaders.