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Dr. Wellhofer teaches at an alumni symposium

Department of Political Science

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Faculty Research Grant


Josh Wilson awarded National Science Foundation Grant
Collaborative Research: The Efficacy of Support Structures for Legal Mobilization
Sociolegal scholarship has shown how law schools and training programs provide necessary resources for movements seeking to influence the law, but it has done less to show how new movements can best access these institutions and what they offer. This project closely studies the contemporary Christian legal movement and its connections to legal education and training in order to respond to this important policy and scholarly question.

David Ciepley awarded the Central European University Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship and the University of Virginia Institute for the Advanced Study of Culture Fellowship
There is a gross mismatch between the corporate world we inhabit and the liberal individualist frames we use to interpret and address this world. As a corrective, my work highlights the corporate character of the government and the governmental character of the corporation. It thus reconceptualizes the nature of governance in the West, and redraws lines between public and private, government and market, authority and contract. It contributes to state theory, democratic theory, constitutional theory, class theory, corporate theory, and corporate law. And it provides a new agenda for reform aimed at making corporations more publicly-oriented, responsible, and just.

Elizabeth Sperber awarded Project Launch Grant from the Global Religion Research Initiative
Sperber will combine this grant with a PROF grant from the University of Denver to examine how membership in different Christian communities influences political attitudes and engagement in the officially Christian state of Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia). Given recent trends in the politicization of different branches of Christianity in the region—such as Pentecostal and other Born-Again Christian groups—the study's findings will be relevant for the promotion of human rights, economic development, and religious freedom in sub-Saharan African countries more broadly.

Nancy Wadsworth awarded Dean's Award For Excellence
This award will be used to further her research on youth activism.

Jing Sun awarded Dean's Award For Excellence
This award will be used to work on a new book on Asian politics.