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Department of Political Science

Dr. Wellhofer teaches at an alumni symposium

Department of Political Science

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Faculty in the Media

Our faculty are experts in their fields and are often called upon to provide their expertise on various topics related to the study of Political Science. 

Dr. Masket examines how political parties react to election laws focusing on the Democratic losses of 2016

Dr. Chatfield discusses Colorado's redistricting process

Dr. Wilson speaks about abortion politics on the podcast Impolite Conversation

Dr. Wilson discusses the federal funding for overseas groups that promote abortion

Dr. Wilson discusses abortion access in Sweden

Dr. Wilson pens an op-ed in Newsweek regarding Trump's election and the implications it has on abortion rights

Dr. Wilson discusses Zika and Anti-Abortion activists views

Dr. Wadsworth discusses the 2016 election and it's impact on White Christian America

Dr. Conant speaks about the correlation, or lack thereof, between the Brexit vote and the Trump candidacy

Dr. Wilson explains the importance of the Whole Woman's Health v Hellerstedt SCOTUS ruling on abortion rights in America.

Dr. Masket discusses the changing role of party convention delegates

Dr. Sun discusses Nancy Reagan's legacy on NBC 9 News

Dr. Wilson discusses the Texas abortion law that was argued in front of an 8 member Supreme Court

Dr. Wadsworth authors a piece in the Washington Post Monkey Cage discussing Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric

Dr. Masket discusses his book with the University of Denver Magazine