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Department of Psychology

Behavioral Research for Anxiety InterVention Efficiency (BRAVE) Lab

Welcome to the BRAVE Lab, directed by Dr. Michelle Rozenman, PhD and part of the Psychology Department at the University of Denver.

The BRAVE Lab aims to improve the efficiency of treatments for children and adolescents with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and related problems. We study processes that underlie anxiety-related problems in youth, including how kids and teens think, feel, and act, and then adapt or develop treatments in attempts to modify these processes. We are committed to improving the evidence-base for anxiety assessment and intervention with methods that have potential for translation into clinical and community settings.

Our ultimate goal is to help kids and teens feel brave so that they can do the things they want and have to do.

If you are a kid, teen, parent or provider, learn more about our current studies.

To learn more about our theoretical approach to youth anxiety research, see our list of publications.

Undergraduates and graduate students, interested in joining the lab?