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Child Health & Development Lab


Child Health & Development Lab

In our lab we study factors that influence children's health and development, using biologic measures of stress and health, observations of children and families in normative settings such as child care centers and at home, in-depth interviews and assessments with adults, structured assessments of cognitive and social-emotional development in children from early infancy through age 8, and in-depth analysis of the deep inequities impacting many families, like limited economic resources and discrimination. We work to understand how risk and protective factors become embedded in the body, and in developing and testing interventions to support resilience. We are deeply committed to science in the service of public good, in line with the mission of the University of Denver, and to helping translate scientific findings to inform policy and practice decisions for and with families. We are located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver, and are part of the Stress, Early Experiences, and Development (SEED) Research Center. Please see our people page for more information about us, and our projects and publications pages for more information on the work we do.

Learn a little more about our research in the video below.

We're hiring!

The CHaD lab is hiring a family coach.  This position is responsible for administering a family intervention program to families currently enrolled in a multi-center study. This person would also aid and support the research team as needed. The interventions are a standard, manualized program being tested in a randomized control trial. This position will be supervised by both a local and an off-site clinical supervisory team to ensure appropriate training on and fidelity to the intervention. This is a grant-funded position with a minimum one-year appointment and will be working on newly received funding on a 5-year project and is expected to be funded for 5 years. Continuation is based on continued need, funding and satisfactory performance.

To read the full job posting and apply, go to