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Center for Child & Family Psychology

Evidence-Based therapy clinic

Doctoral students in our Clinical Psychology program provide evidence-based therapy under the direction of a licensed clinical psychologist. Our services tend to be skills-based and time-limited, and we actively track clients' progress to ensure they are making meaningful treatment gains. This is done within the context of establishing a warm, supportive therapeutic relationship between the clinician and client. Developmentally-appropriate play-based strategies are also incorporated into treatment.

We primarily provide therapy to children and adolescents; however, we also offer therapy in a limited capacity to adults seeking individual or couples therapy. We specialize in offering intervention services for the following types of presenting problems:

• Anxiety (e.g., persistent worries, school refusal, social phobia, panic disorder, OCD, etc.)
• Depression
• Trauma (e.g., PTSD, history of abuse, etc.)
• Behavior challenges associated with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) such as temper tantrums and defiance
• Body image and eating disorder symptoms
• Parenting Challenges
• Romantic relationship difficulties (e.g., communication challenges, conflict management approaches, etc.)
• Family relationship difficulties

We are happy to share additional information about the specific evidence-based interventions we may use to best support you and/or your child.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and occur on a weekly basis. The duration of therapy varies across clients, but our clinic tends to provide targeted, time-limited services (i.e., most clients reach their goals in 16-20 session or less). All initial sessions include a brief evaluation and clinical interview to clarify presenting concern(s) and to identify the most appropriate treatment modality.

To schedule an intake for our Evidence-Based Therapy Clinic, please call (303) 871-3306.