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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology


Kathryn Fox

Kathryn is interested in taking a new graduate student for Fall 2021. She will review applications from students applying to Affective/Social/Cognitive, Clinical, or Developmental Psychology programs. She welcomes emails from prospective graduate and undergraduate students interested in working with her at

Areas of Expertise

  • self-injurious thoughts and behaviors, including nonsuicidal and suicidal behaviors
  • development of brief and easily disseminated online treatment and intervention programs
  • experimental studies involving manipulation of pain and mood
  • online recruitment and study methods
  • LGBTQ risk for self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

Current Research and Projects

The primary goal of my research is to improve the understanding and treatment of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (broadly defined) and to help reduce these behaviors on a large-scale. My research takes multiple approaches toward this aim, including summarizing existing research on this topic, conducting experimental and longitudinal studies of risk, and designing and testing novel and scalable treatments for these outcomes.

Because these thoughts and behaviors are particularly prevalent among adolescents and people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ), my research increasingly focuses on these populations.

Toward this end, my lab conducts research on the following topics:
1. Examining mechanisms underlying self-injurious thoughts and behaviors using experimental designs
2. Implementing data-driven approaches to better understand classification of self-injurious behaviors, broadly defined
3. Examining risk and protective factors for psychopathology and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors among adolescents and people identifying as LGBTQ
4. Designing and implementing novel treatment and prevention programs
5. Testing and updating what we currently know about predicting and preventing self-injurious thoughts and behaviors using meta-analytic methods



  • Ph.D. Harvard University, Clinical Science
  • Clinical Internship Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC)
  • M.A. Harvard University, Clinical Science
  • B.S. Vanderbilt University

Selected Publications

  • Fox, K. R., Wang, S. B., Boccagno, C., Haynos, A. F., Kleiman, E., & Hooley, J. M. (in press). Comparing self‐harming intentions underlying eating disordered behaviors and NSSI: Evidence that distinctions are less clear than assumed. International journal of eating disorders.
  • Hooley, J. M., Fox, K. R., Wang, S. B., & Kwashie, A. N.* (2018). Novel online daily diary interventions for nonsuicidal self-injury: a randomized controlled trial. BMC psychiatry, 18(1), 264.
  • Fox, K. R., Hooley, J. M., Smith, D. M.*, Ribeiro, J. D., Huang, X., Nock, M. K., & Franklin, J. C. (2018). Self-injurious thoughts and behaviors may be more common and severe among people identifying as a sexual minority. Behavior therapy, 49(5), 768-780.
  • Fox, K. R., O'Sullivan, I. M.*, Wang, S. B., & Hooley, J. M. (2018). Self-Criticism Impacts Emotional Responses to Pain. Behavior Therapy.
  • Fox, K. R., Toole, K. E.*, Franklin, J. C., & Hooley, J. M. (2017). Why does nonsuicidal self-injury improve mood? A preliminary test of three hypotheses. Clinical Psychological Science, 5(1), 111-121.
  • Franklin, J. C., Ribeiro, J. D., Fox, K. R., Bentley, K. H., Kleiman, E. M., Huang, X., ... & Nock, M. K. (2017). Risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors: a meta-analysis of 50 years of research. Psychological Bulletin, 143(2), 187.
  • Fox, K. R., Millner, A. J., & Franklin, J. C. (2016). Classifying nonsuicidal overdoses: Nonsuicidal self-injury, suicide attempts, or neither?. Psychiatry research, 244, 235-242.
  • Franklin, J. C., Fox, K. R., Franklin, C. R., Kleiman, E. M., Ribeiro, J. D., Jaroszewski, A. C., ... & Nock, M. K. (2016). A brief mobile app reduces nonsuicidal and suicidal self-injury: Evidence from three randomized controlled trials. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 84(6), 544.
    *signifies student/trainee author

Full publication list here.