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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Current students


Recent Awards

Harry Gollob Award:

Danielle Swales

Inclusive Excellence in Research:

Elly Miles

CHASS Dean's Dissertation Fellowship:

Thania Galvan

Office of Graduate Education Inclusive Excellence:

Ozlu Aran
Adi Rosenthal
Jill Merrick

Office of Graduate Education Doctoral Fellowship:

Spencer Dobbs
Eliza Kramer
Gina Paganini
Kim-Chi Pham
Shannon Powers
Kenia Rivera
Samantha Scott
Anni Subar
Kevin Summers
Cassandra Svelyns

Psychology Department Outstanding Service Award:

Vicky Atzl
Amy Dominguez
Maggie O'Reilly Treter
Leah Grande
Alex Dufford
Tiffany Phu
Christopher Gunderson
Ozlu Aran
Lynee Herrera
Naomi Wright

Psychology Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award:

Andrew Erhart
Thania Galvan
Christopher Gunderson
Drew McGee
Jill Merrick
Hayley Brooks