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Recent Publications

Anderson, N., Meagher, K., Welder, A., & Graham, S.A. (2018). Animacy cues facilitate 10-month-olds categorization of novel objects with similar insides. PLOS One, 13(11): e0207800

Atzl, V.M., Grande, L.A., Davis, E.P., & Narayan, A.J. (2019). Perinatal promotive and protective factors for women with histories of childhood abuse and neglect. Child Abuse & Neglect 91, 63-77.

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Gagnon, K. L., Wright, N. M., Srinivas, T., & DePrince, A.P. (in press). Social reactions and women's decision to report sexual assault to law enforcement. Violence Against Women.

Galvan, T., & Gudio, O.G. (Under Review). Understanding Latinx youth mental health disparities by problem type: The role of caregiver culture. Psychological Services.

Garcia, S., Swales, D. A., Hankin, B., & Davis, E. P. (under review). Maternal postpartum depressive symptoms are associated with less infant attention to sad faces. Under review.

Garcini, L.M., Galvan, T., Brown, R., Chen, M., Klonoff, E.A., Ziaddin, K., & Fagundes, C.P. (In Press). Miles over mind: Transnational death and its association with psychological distress among undocumented mexican immigrants, Death Studies.

Garcini, L.M., Galvan, T., Pena, J.M., Klonoff, E.A., Parra-Medina, D., Ziabuddin, K., & Fagundes, C.P. (In Press). A high price paid: Migration-related loss and distress among undocumented Mexican immigrants. Journal of Latinx Psychology.

Gunderson, C. A., Pence, A. D., LeBlanc, M., ten Brinke, L. M. Meta-moral judgments: Interpersonal consequences of calling someone a liar. Manuscript in preparation.

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Gunderson, C.A., Pence, A. D., ten Brinke, L. M. Interpersonal consequences of deceptive sadness: Expresser authenticity impacts observer sympathy and intentions to help. Manuscript under review

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Narayan, A. J., Merrick, J. S., River, L. M., & Lieberman, A. F. (in press). Lifespan and Intergenerational Promotive and Protective Factors against the Transmission of Interpersonal Violence in Diverse Families. In R. Geffner, V. Vieth, V. Vaughan-Eden, A. Rosenbaum, L. K. Hamberger, & J. White (Eds.), Handbook of Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan. Basel, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing."

Narayan, A.J., Atzl, V.M., Merrick, J.S., River, L.R., & Holm, R. (in press). Leveraging benevolent childhood experiences (BCEs) and fathers perspectives to promote resilience in therapeutic perinatal research with low-income families. Zero to Three Journal.

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Olomi, J.M., DePrince, A.P., Gagnon, K.L. (In press). Institutional responses to campus sexual assault: Examining the development and work of a multidisciplinary team, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation.

Olomi, J.M., Wright, N. DePrince, A.P. (Under review). After older adult maltreatment: Service needs and barriers, Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

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River, L.M., Narayan, A.J., Galvan, T., Rivera, L., Harris, W.M., & Lieberman, A.F. (In Press). On the verge of motherhood and mental illness: Prenatal mental health service utilization among women at highest risk. Zero to Three.

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