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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Current students

Research and Travel Support

The Department has a budget to support graduate student research activities and travel to conventions, if the student is presenting a paper or poster.  Only one trip per year is supported. In general, only one presenter per paper or poster is supported. Preference is given to first authors. For research proposals, preference is given to thesis and dissertation research.

Area Heads and Chairperson review research and travel requests twice a year: in early fall and late winter.

All awards are made on a reimbursement basis; in other words, after the Department notifies you, you must submit original receipts to obtain the money. As with all University budgets, the Department's budget operates on the fiscal year that begins July 1 and ends the following June.

  1. Research proposals: A five-to-10-page proposal is required. See the guidelines for preparing research proposals (PDF). Research awards are up to $500, and generally are no more than $250 - $300. Only submit proposals for funds that will be spent during the current fiscal year.
  2. Travel by air:  Travel money is only available to students actually presenting papers/posters. The Department's intent is to fund up to 75 percent of the airfare when all sources of support are considered (e.g., adviser's grant, GSFF funds, etc.). View travel request form (PDF).
  3. Requests less than $50: Requests for research expenses less than $50 (i.e., supplies, Xeroxing, subjects) should be submitted directly to Paula Houghtaling, who will distribute to Area Heads and Chairperson. These requests can be considered and funded at any time during the academic year. Requests should not exceed one page and should include a brief justification.
  4. Reimbursements:  Proposals can include requests for reimbursement of funds that you spent on research or travel at any time after July 1 of the academic year and before June 30 of the academic year.  You cannot be reimbursed for expenses unless you submit receipts before the end of the fiscal year. With the exception of the tax on airline tickets, you cannot be reimbursed for taxes.