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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Affect Social Lab


Affective, Social, Cognitive

Our PhD in affective/cognitive/social psychology prepares students for careers in academia and research. Affective, cognitive and social processes are fundamental to human functioning and intertwined with all of psychology. Our integrative approach provides strong training for creative, influential research as students work closely with faculty and peers in labs using psychophysiological measurement, social cognition paradigms, experimentally derived behavioral measures, eye-tracking, and neuroscience tools.

Our department and program value a collaborative and integrative approach to psychological science. This approach fosters intellectual curiosity and innovation, invests in people in a supportive and inclusive environment, and serves the public good. Our PhD candidates have a variety of options for lab work-in emotion regulation, decision making, social perception, affect and social influence, and the cognition behind trust and dishonesty. Students have the opportunity to work across disciplines with faculty and researchers in the clinical and developmental areas, as well as neuroscience and psychophysiology. Recent graduates hold positions in colleges, universities, nonprofit research organizations and industry.

You may also decide to earn a specialization in developmental cognitive neuroscience, gaining additional training in how affective and social processes influence and are influenced by development, how they operate in atypical populations and how psychologists can study these processes.

Core Faculty & Labs

Kimberly Chiew
Expertise: motivational and affective influences on cognition
Lab: Motivation, Affect, and Cognition Lab

Paige Lloyd
Expertise: person perception, with an emphasis on implications for social inequality and discrimination
Lab: Social Detection Lab

Daniel N. McIntosh
Expertise: Emotions, coping and the psychology of religion
Lab: Emotion and Coping Lab

Kateri McRae
Expertise: Emotion/Cognition interactions, emotion regulation, fMRI
Lab: The AACT Lab

Peter Sokol-Hessner
Expertise:  Affect and decision making
Lab:  Sokol-Hessner Lab

Timothy Sweeny
Expertise: Contextual perception of emotional expressions and faces, speech and emotional sounds, shapes, and body movements.
LabVisual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition Lab

Leanne ten Brinke
Expertise:  Trust, dishonesty, and nonverbal behavior
Lab:  coming soon!

Max Weisbuch
Expertise: Social perception, affect and social influence
Lab: Social Perception and Attitudes Lab

Affiliated Faculty & Labs

Anne DePrince
Expertise: Trauma, violence, cognition, psychopathology
Lab: Traumatic Stress Studies Group

In addition to core affective/social/cognitive faculty, you may work with faculty in the clinical or developmental areas.