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Our developmental cognitive neuroscience program offers two things many competing programs do not:

Our DCN program is one of the few in the world to emphasize the key importance of a developmental approach to understanding brain-behavior relations.

Our graduate students train in the University's Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic early on—long before students in competing programs, which offer this type of training during internship rotations or clinical neuropsychology post-doc.

Because this field bridges multiple levels of analysis, it is necessarily collaborative and interdisciplinary. Thus, our graduate students not only develop their own area of expertise but also become conversant with the topics, methods and issues in the broad field of human neuroscience.

Students learn to understand human neuroscience in both typical and abnormal populations by studying genetics, imaging, network models and behavioral studies.

The goal of the DCN program is to produce both basic and clinical scientists who are well prepared to make contributions to the rapidly expanding field of human neuroscience.

The DCN program is an interdisciplinary specialization available to graduate students in all areas of our department. The DCN core faculty also spans these three areas. Adjunct faculty includes researchers and clinical scientists at both the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Colorado Denver- Anschutz Medical Campus.

Both core and adjunct faculty share a focus on human neuroscience.

Besides development, and the reciprocal relation between studies of normal and abnormal behavior, other key themes of the DCN program are stress and health, and cognition-emotion relations.

Core Faculty

Elysia Davis (taking students for Fall 2017)
Anne DePrince (taking students for Fall 2017)
Julia Dmitrieva
Jan Keenan (not taking students for Fall 2017 because of retirement)
Pilyoung Kim (not taking students for Fall 2017)
Lauren McGrath (taking students for Fall 2017)
Danny McIntosh (not taking students for Fall 2017)
Kateri McRae (taking students for Fall 2017)
George Potts (not taking students for Fall 2017)
Rob Roberts (not taking students for Fall 2017)
Peter Sokol-Hessner (taking students for Fall 2017)
Tim Sweeny (taking students for Fall 2017)
Sarah Watamura (taking students for Fall 2017)