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Department of Psychology

Department Leadership


Below lists our current department leadership, as well as what each of our leadership positions entail. Feel free to reach out to any of these individuals on relevant topics.


Department Chair


The department chair is elected by the faculty, and oversees all aspects of the department.


Current Chair (July 2019 - Present):

  • Dr. Sarah Enos Watamura


Area Heads


The area heads oversee all aspects of each of their respective areas.


2020-2021 Area Heads:

  • Developmental Area - Julia Dmitrieva
  • ASC Area - Kateri McRae
  • Clinical Area - Lauren McGrath
  • DCN - Tim Sweeny

Personnel Committee


The Personnel Committee handles all internal, department-level personnel aspects including annual reviews, tenure & promotion as well as faculty and staff hiring. They are elected by faculty each fall.


2012-2021 Academic Year Personnel Committee:

  • Kimberly Chiew
  • Anne DePrince
  • Pilyoung Kim
  • Christy Rossi
  • Michelle Rozenman
  • Tim Sweeny


Department Coordinators


The department coordinators are appointed by the chair. They coordinate aspects of their purview at the department level, and advise the chair. 


2019-2020 Academic Year Coordinators:

  • Professional Development - Jill Holm-Denoma
  • Research - Lauren McGrath
  • Inclusive Excellence - Kimberly Chiew
  • Undergraduate Curriculum - Kateri McRae


2020-2021 Academic Year Coordinators:

  • Professional Development - Peter Sokol-Hessner
  • Research - Anne DePrince
  • Inclusive Excellence - Jill Holm-Denoma
  • Undergraduate Curriculum - Kateri McRae


Student Representatives


The student representatives are appointed to represent their area for one academic year.  These students attend faculty meetings as well as act as student advisors to the chair.


2020-2021 Academic Year Representatives:

  • Clinical Area - Naomi Wright
  • Developmental Area - Elly Miles
  • ASC Area - Spencer Dobbs