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Department of Psychology

L.E.a.R.N. Lab

Welcome to the L.E.a.R.N. Lab!  We study [L]earning [E]xceptionalities [a]nd [R]elated [N]europsychology (L.E.a.R.N.). Our work focuses on identifying cognitive, genetic, and environmental risk factors for learning and attentional challenges in children.  We take a cross-disciplinary approach to our research questions, integrating perspectives and methods from neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, child clinical psychology, behavior genetics, and special education.  The goal of our work is to develop a deeper understanding of learning that spans multiple levels of analysis (genetics, environment, brain, cognition, behavior) in order to improve early identification and intervention for children.

The L.E.a.R.N. Lab is directed by Lauren McGrath, Ph.D. in the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver.