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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Message from the Chair

The Department of Psychology at the University of Denver is a community of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty exploring psychology together. We have more than 20 faculty teaching courses in their areas of expertise and working with undergraduate and graduate students conducting high-profile research in our labs.

Whether you are just starting your study of psychology or are seeking the expertise to advance the field as a researcher, professor or clinician, I believe the collaborative culture and the excitement of doing rigorous and relevant research that permeate our department will inspire you, and provide the foundation for a satisfying and successful career.

The power of our undergraduate programs
Our undergraduate curriculum and programs focus on preparing you to achieve your goals after graduation. You will have broad training in multiple areas of psychology and know how to think critically about research in psychology.

Many of our students attend clinical and research graduate programs in psychology, or attend medical or law school. You may decide to work in one of our faculty psychology labs, or take our year-long field experiences course to gain hands-on experience in clinical settings, or take our 5-quarter research sequence and work with one of our faculty to complete a senior honors thesis, thus earning distinction in the major.

A PhD that advances your psychology career
Our four doctoral programs provide training that prepares you to advance the field of psychology, through conducting rigorous and innovative research, teaching, entering clinical practice, or enhancing public service or public policy.

With low boundaries between areas, we approach questions from multiple perspectives. In this environment you will be able to apply the theories and methods of research across training programs to answer your own innovative research questions. All these opportunities are described in detail in this site. I hope you will enjoy finding out what we offer, and that you will consider joining us to advance your own education and skills, and working with us to advance the field of psychology.

Anne DePrince, PhD
Professor and Chair of Psychology