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Department of Psychology



The branching and changing tree is our symbol of development. Dr. Angela Narayan directs the PROTECT Lab, which is located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver.

In the PROTECT Lab, we study the intergenerational transmission of risk and resilience across families and generations from developmental psychopathology and trauma-informed perspectives and with a resilience framework.

We are particularly interested in understanding how early childhood experiences shape lifespan pathways to developmental adaptation and maladaptation, and specifically, how promotive and protective factors buffer children and parents from experiencing stress, psychological impairment, and relationship difficulties. We are as much interested in the early experiences of parents – how a parent's childhood shapes his or her parenting – as we are interested in how parenting shapes childhood experiences of offspring in the next generation.

The PROTECT Lab is invested in efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness in faculty-student mentoring, fostering a positive lab culture, disseminating our findings, and engaging in scholarly activities, such as clinical and translational research that serves the public good.

The PROTECT Lab draws on developmental psychopathology principles that emphasize the importance of dually considering typical and atypical development, early and cumulative experiences, continuity and change, and age-salient developmental tasks when conceptualizing pathways of competence, resilience, vulnerability, and psychopathology. The branching and changing tree is our symbol of development.