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Research Matters

watamura By Kimberly Chiew, PhD
Assistant Professor 


With the beginning of the fall quarter, DU's classrooms, dorms, and libraries are bustling again. With exams on the horizon, Anderson Commons will soon be full of students, perhaps aspiring to enter medical or graduate school, hunkering down to study. While this behavior is familiar, it depends on a complex mix of motivational and cognitive processes we are just beginning to understand. The student in the library might draw on her future aspirations to help focus attention on the study material, ignore distractions such as friends' text messages, and ultimately, master the concepts that she needs to remember. Read More...

Alumni Matters

seedWe are eager to share scholarship from our department with you – our alumni. We invite you to join us for our inaugural "Psychology and Public Good" research-sharing event, which is designed to showcase ongoing research in a setting that invites dialogue and connections. This first research-sharing will focus on new scholarship from our Stress, Early Experience and Development (SEED) Center. During the event, you'll have a chance to talk one-to-one with graduate students and faculty doing research on this theme as well as hear four brief "lightning" talks from faculty on recent and ongoing work. Read more...

Diversity Matters
By Elly Barrow
Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology


How does variation in refugee families' experiences prior to their resettlement impact later mental health and integration? Are there culturally distinct strategies that caregivers use to protect their children from the psychological stress and trauma of the refugee experience? Once resettled, how do refugees promote resilience in their children after years of upheaval, chaos, physical hardship, and uncertainty? Read more...

Major Matters
By Carlyn Scheu
President, Psi Chi


Psi Chi and Psychology Club are student-run organizations at DU that aim to get both undergraduate and graduate students involved within the Psychology Department. Our Psi Chi chapter is part of the larger International Honor Society in Psychology with chapters at universities around the world. Majors or minors in psychology are welcome to apply for membership, but there are certain credit hour and GPA restrictions. Psychology Club is an inclusive club that anyone can join. Both organizations work closely to plan events, host guest speakers, and help psychology students and faculty get to know each other. Read more...


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