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Department of Psychology

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Research and Teaching Matters



Five new faculty will join us to advance psychological science in research and teaching. As you will read below, these outstanding scholars are already making their mark in affective, child clinical, and developmental science. They each bring an approach to research that values integration and collaboration at a time of incredible growth in our Department. They also share a commitment to developing the next generation of leaders in psychological science, which will they will bring to life in teaching and mentoring across our undergraduate program, which serves about 500 majors, and three graduate programsRead More...

Alumni Matters
mcmakinBy Dana McMakin
PhD Class of 2008


As a clinical scientist and cognitive neuroscientist with a dual appointment in a university and hospital setting, I can summarize my career identity as a Jack-of-All-Trades and a Master-of-None. I would have it no other way. The rush of being humbled by how much there is to know, and the subsequent satisfaction I derive from plodding up steep learning curves is what drives me. Beyond the exceptional training I received in DU's clinical science program, a vital ingredient to my career trajectory and continued enthusiasm for my work was shaped by my mentor. Read more...

Diversity Matters
By Kimberly Chiew, PhD and Maggie O'Reilly-Treter
Assistant Professor and Graduate Student


Throughout a tumultuous 2017, issues of gender equity and disparity have been featured front and center in public conversation and the media, cumulating in Time magazine naming the Silence Breakers – those who brought several high-profile cases of sexual harassment into the spotlight – as their Persons of the Year. While recent news events have brought gender issues to the forefront, the work of promoting gender equity and inclusion remains ongoing. Read more...

Major Matters
mcrae dmitrieva
By Kateri McRae, PhD and Julia Dmitrieva, PhD
Associate Professors


The annual Psychology Department Picnic and Awards ceremony (held this year on May 18) is a festive way to celebrate the impressive accomplishments of our undergraduate and graduate students. The day begins with a picnic that is co-hosted by Psi Chi (the honors society in psychology), the Psychology Club, and the Department of Psychology. The following awards ceremony celebrates many achievements... Read more...

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