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Department of Psychology

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Diversity Matters 

diversity By Drew McGee
Clinical Psychology, Graduate Student



In recent years, concerns within the fields of psychiatry and psychology about the ethics and responsibilities of professionals working with underprivileged individuals have steadily increased... Read more...

 Major Matters

We welcome our students back to campus and look forward to a wonderful year! We are currently looking for 2 students to serve as undergraduate ambassadors to the department, as consultants to working groups in progress that may revise the curriculum and to support keystone internship experiences... Read more...


Teaching Matters


By Sarah Huff, PhD

Dr. Sarah Huff is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2018 and spent one year as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Amherst College. Dr. Huff is also a proud graduate of Colorado College and thrilled to be back in her home state of Colorado.  Though Dr. Huff has had a strong commitment to research and an active research program investigating the relationships among identity, culture, and conflict, her favorite part of her job has always been teaching and mentoring students. She believes that one of the great things about teaching is that it forces us as instructors to make theory and research findings applicable to real-world contexts. As a researcher of culture, identity, and intergroup relations, she feels fortunate that these applications come relatively easy. For example, teaching students who may go on to careers in business about factors influencing cultural adaptation may be beneficial for their own effectiveness in global settings and/or for their ability to manage diverse employees. Dr. Huff finds these types of applications to be exciting and feels energized when she knows that the students are gaining insight about how to use course material to be more successful outside of the classroom.


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