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mcrae dmitrievaBy Kateri McRae, PhD and Julia Dmitrieva, PhD
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The annual Psychology Department Picnic and Awards ceremony (held this year on May 18) is a festive way to celebrate the impressive accomplishments of our undergraduate and graduate students. The day begins with a picnic that is co-hosted by Psi Chi (the honors society in psychology), the Psychology Club, and the Department of Psychology. The following awards ceremony celebrates many achievements, include recognizing undergraduate students for excellence in academic achievement, research involvement, and departmental citizenship. In addition, a handful of named scholarships and prizes are awarded. Graduate students are recognized for excellent performance in teaching (both as an instructor and teaching assistant) and service to the department, and named awards honor graduate students who have published exceptional research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

The day will culminate with the senior honor students presenting results of their year-long research journey. Each year, a set of dedicated seniors set out to conduct a research project and write a senior honors thesis. The following is the list of this year's students and their presentations:

  • Bryn Babbitt, "Kids and the Empathy Gap"
  • Hannah Bibbo, "Commitment Levels in Non-Monosexual Couples"
  • Alisa Braun, "Anisotropic Awareness: Object Ambiguity Gates Access to Visual Awareness"
  • Marnier LeBlanc, "Perceived Trust and Morality"
  • Michael Mahanna, "Do Spatial Associations of Gender Matter? Thinking about Gender Interferes with Mathematical Reasoning"
  • Sophie Marsh, "Teacher-Child Interactions, Learning Behaviors, and Task Performance in Preschool Children"
  • Jahla Osborne, "Processing Speed & Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Understanding the Influence of this Cognitive Skill on Functional Impairment"
  • Carlyn Scheu, "Sleep-Related Pathways to Poor Health in Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse"
  • Maddie Schmidt, "Pregnant Women with Histories of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Stress, and Trauma and their Attributions About Their Unborn Child"
  • Marie Spence, "Aspirations & Obstacles: Finding Ways to Desist"
  • Olivia Strauser, "Occurrence and Coherence of Fear Learning Measures: Skin Conductance Response, Amygdala BOLD Activity, and Contingency Awareness"
  • Ali Watson, "The Role of Metacognition in Interoception"