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hdBy Daniel Storage, PhD
Teaching Assistant Professor



New Certificate Programs in Psychology!
Certificate in Psychology: Microcredentials in Diversity and Inclusion, Data-informed Decisions, or Mental Health

Coming soon! We are developing a new program that will provide students with the opportunity to critically engage with one of three topics related to the field of psychology. Students who are accepted into this "Certificate in Psychology" program will complete three courses, work with a professor on an experiential project, and create a shareable portfolio product, all related to either Diversity and Inclusion, Data-informed Decisions, or Mental Health. Interested? Keep on reading!

It can sometimes be challenging to articulate the skills gained from a liberal arts education. Students graduate from the University of Denver with a wealth of knowledge and skills, such as being able to analyze data statistically and being able to think critically about complex issues such as diversity or mental health. These kinds of abilities translate well to both graduate school as well as the workforce, but being unable to properly articulate and demonstrate these abilities (e.g., to potential employers) can make it difficult to transition from college to whatever comes next. The Microcredentials in Psychology program is meant to help bridge that gap.

In this program, students will apply for one of the three microcredentials mentioned above (Diversity and Inclusion, Data-informed Decisions, or Mental Health; see image). Each microcredential lists two required courses meant to provide students with foundational material related to the content area of the chosen microcredential. Students pursuing the Diversity and Inclusion microcredential, for example, will be required to complete Psychology of Diversity as well as Social Psychology. In addition to these two foundational courses, students will select one more specialized course from a menu of several optional courses. For example, a student in the Diversity and Inclusion microcredential might then take Cultural Psychology or Human Sexuality to delve deeper into more specialized topics related to this microcredential. (Courses completed prior to applying for this program will count.)

Students will then work with a professor to develop an experiential project lasting one quarter. This experience will be related to the microcredential but tailored to the student. For example, a student pursuing the Mental Health microcredential might take Field Experiences or shadow a clinical psychologist for a quarter. A student working on the Data-informed Decisions microcredential might analyze a publicly-available dataset using statistical software or work in a professor's psychology lab as a research assistant and write a report describing the research projects they contributed to. Finally, students will integrate what they learned in their courses and their experiential project into a portfolio product.

Students will leave the program with a deeper appreciation for the chosen content area and an artifact that can be shared to demonstrate the student's knowledge, skills, and experiences in that area.

We plan to launch this program next quarter, with applications opening to students later this quarter. If you are a student interested in applying, stay tuned! If you are an alumnus/alumna (or you know one) who can offer students an experiential opportunity (e.g., an internship) related to one of these three microcredentials, please email me at