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Project STAR

What is Project STAR?

Project STAR (Studying Teens And Relationships) is a multi-year study conducted by the Relationships Center at the University of Denver and is sponsored by the National Institute of Health. We are interested in people’s close relationships and how they may be related to health and development. We're studying these relationships because little scientific research has been conducted on them, particularly dating relationships. By understanding more about how these relationships work we may be able to prevent problems or help those who are having relationship difficulties.

Applying Our Findings

We apply what we've learned at the Relationship Center back in the community. Based on our past research, we have developed programs with over 60 Denver schools to improve peer relationships. We give workshops to schools and consult with teachers and other professionals about ways of improving relationships among children and adolescents in the community. Students who have trained with us have gone on to conduct similar research and community programs in other parts of the country.