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SEED Research Center

Department of Psychology

Welcome to the SEED Research Center!

The Stress, Early Experiences and Development (SEED) Research Center was established at the University of Denver in 2014 to foster collaborative research and cross-sector communication about the ways that early experiences shape development across the lifespan. Our team of faculty and trainee scientists study populations experiencing a range of adversities including trauma, homelessness, low income, justice system involvement, discrimination, and other structural inequities and may also experience mental and physical health symptoms. Individuals and populations also demonstrate remarkable resilience. We study the psychological, experiential, cognitive, social, behavioral and biological signatures of risk and resilience and several of us engage in the development and evaluation of promising prevention and intervention approaches. We study these processes across the lifespan, from the prenatal period, through early and middle childhood, adolescence, youth, during the transition to parenting and in adults. Our current members utilize cutting-edge methodologies including neuro-imaging (i.e. functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, and diffusion tensor imaging), genotyping, bioassays (e.g. hormones, immunological markers, indices of cellular aging) and in-depth behavioral and observational approaches (e.g., neurocognitive assessments of children and adults, assessments of emotional regulation, temperament, and parenting, noise-level monitoring, and neighborhood and housing quality indices). To date in 2017, faculty in the SEED center managed collaborative external grants totaling over 3.4M from ACF, NIMH, NICHD, NIJ, and the Colorado Health Foundation, and submitted new collaborative awards to several federal agencies and foundations.