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SEED Research Center

Department of Psychology

Welcome to the SEED Research Center!


The Department of Psychology within the University of Denver's divisions of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences brings together world-class faculty who do leading-edge research about Stress, Early Experiences, and Development (SEED). These passionate scholar-teachers address fundamental issues at the nexus of human development and adversity while engaging in cross-sector dialogue to apply scientific knowledge to policy and practice.

Strategic investments by the University and Department of Psychology led to the creation of the Stress, Early Experiences and Development (SEED) Research Center in 2014. Faculty working in teams alongside students, staff, and postdoctoral fellows study psychological processes stemming from adversity across the lifespan. Using innovative front-line scientific methods, faculty affiliated with the SEED Center managed collaborative external grants totaling over $3.4 million in FY 2017.

Together, SEED faculty have demonstrated their collaborative power and potential to advance science, inform policy and practice, and develop the next generation of scholars. Now is the time to invest strategically in SEED to move from potential to transformation. Across four areas of funding, we will transform how SEED science is done, the next generation of scholars is developed, and research is used by communities.