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Social Perception & Attitudes (SPA) Lab

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Social Perception & Attitudes (SPA) Lab

Lab Members

  • Image of Max Weisbuch

    Max Weisbuch, Ph.D – Principal Investigator

    Max Weisbuch is the director of the SPA lab.  Please see here for research interests.
    Office: 341 Frontier Hall
    Phone: 303-871-4893
    Email: [email protected]
    Curriculum Vita

Doctoral Student

  • Spencer Dobbs


Thesis Students

  • Paige Dvorak Photo

    Bryn Babbitt

    Anticipated Graduation: June 2018

    Bryn is a fourth-year student and Bernard Spilka Award Winner who is double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. In her honors thesis, she is collaborating with Max and Sarah to conduct research on what children learn from the emotion and nonverbal behavior in their environments.

  • Michael Mahanna Photo

    Michael Mahanna

    Anticipated Graduation: June 2018

    Michael is a fourth-year student who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. In his honors thesis, he is conducting research on how social information interferes with problem solving. 


  • Sarah Ariel Lamer Sarah Ariel Lamer, Ph.D.

    Sarah was a graduate student in the Social Perception & Attitudes Lab. She is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (  Her primary interest is in examining if and how subtle sociocultural cues can reinforce and even challenge social inequities, shape individual values, and activate different lay theories about the world. For example, she is interested in how gender inequity is culturally transmitted via social environments. Overall, she aims to address power differentials among sociocultural groups in a way that contributes to scientific knowledge in STEM fields and has clear, broad social benefits.

  • Evelyne Treinen Photo

    Evelyne Treinen, Ph.D.

    Evelyne was a Post-Doc fellow in the Social Perception & Attitudes Lab. After the completion of a specialized Master in Research, she received her Ph.D. from the Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium. Her research focuses on understanding how and when the observation of social nonverbal cues in an individual's environment can shape and influence the preferences and behavior of this individual. For instance, observing another person's averted gaze does not only lead observers to look in the same direction (i.e. gaze-cueing, gaze-following), but also increases their liking for objects looked at by the gazing person (i.e. mimetic desire, gaze-induced liking). Evelyne was granted a 1-year Post-doc fellowship from the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) allowing her to extend her expertise from the influence of eye gaze to the social influence of nonverbal behavior under the supervision of Prof. Max Weisbuch. Curriculum Vita

  • Michelle Zad Photo

    Michelle Zad, M.A.

    Michelle was a graduate student in DU’s Affect/Social Psychology doctoral program. She received a BA in social anthropology from UCLA and an MA in psychological anthropology from the University of Chicago. Michelle is primarily interested in the perception of facial expression of emotions, particularly as they serve as social cues for representing behavior. Her work explores cognitive and perceptual influences of action representation, behavior prediction, and person perception. Curriculum Vita