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Department of Psychology

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New Psychology Majors

Welcome to the Psychology Department at DU! This page will let you know what to do if you’ve recently declared (or you’d like to declare) a psychology major at DU.

1.  Make sure your major is declared in your student record (see this video) of how to check your own Degree Audit on PioneerWeb).

2.  If your Psychology major is not yet declared, print out a Change Major Form (PDF) to bring to your first advising appointment.

3.  Think through whether you’d like to get a B.A. or a B.S. in Psychology, and whether you’d like to participate in the Cognitive Neuroscience Specialization. If you’re not sure, don’t worry! An adviser will cover the differences between these options in your first advising appointment.

4.  Make an advising appointment, either a group session or an individual session.

     a.  If you need basic information about the major, attend a new majors group advising session. These are offered 3 times each quarter. This advising session will cover the required classes for the major, the special opportunities that we offer to advanced students, and will highlight advising events that are coming up.

     b.  If you have more specific questions about how the major might work for you, make an individual advising appointment. SARS will allow you to have a 20-minute meeting with one of our advisers.  During this appointment, your advisor can sign a change major form for you, add you to the department email list, and answer your questions about the major.

5.  Review the advising checklist for majors. This timeline goes over major events that you might want to participate in while you are a major.

6.  Each quarter, watch your email for instructions on how to participate in advising in Psychology to choose your courses for the next quarter. Your PIN must be deleted by an adviser before your registration time. This email will outline your options for having your PIN deleted.