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Study Abroad

Psychology advisers do not have any specific recommendations about where psychology students should study abroad. If your four-year plans allows for it, you should choose a study abroad program in the part of the world that interests you most. Much of the psychology learning that happens abroad happens outside the classroom. Similarly, if your plan to complete your major allows, we recommend that students take classes that are not offered by DU or classes that will reflect the culture of the study abroad country. Take advantage of the opportunity to observe and learn about another culture as much as you can!

Psychology advisers have dedicated advising sessions at the beginning of winter quarter to ensure that your Study Abroad application can be signed by a major adviser. Please watch out for an email announcing the dates and times of these extra Study Abroad advising sessions.

Once you have selected a Study Abroad program, you might have questions about which courses will count for your psychology major or minor. The university keeps a list of courses that have been previously approved from Study Abroad programs. If the institution and course are listed here, your course will be counted for the DU course that it is listed as equivalent to. You can check this listing here:

If you have questions about whether a course will count for your psychology major at DU, please use this webform. This will walk you through whether or not you need a specific approval, and if you do, it ends with a form with all of the information we need to discuss this approval. The form has room for comments, if your situation is unusual. Please use this webform as your first inquiry into whether your study abroad courses will count for your psychology major. All of the advisers discuss these approvals together.