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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

academic advising

Typical Major Schedule

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at DU! We offer enough sections of our courses to accommodate students who planning ahead to graduate in four years. Students concerned with their major progress should make an advising appointment to review their degree progress after checking their own progress against the typical schedule below.

Four-year schedule of courses for the psychology major:

First year:

Foundations of Psychological Science (PSCY1001)

Intro to Statistics (PSYC 2300) – if possible, pending availability

Second year:

2000-level content courses -3 or 4 of: Abnormal, Social, Cog Neuro, Developmental

Intro to Statistics (if not taken previously)

Research Methods (PSYC 3050) – if possible, pending availability

Third year:

2000-level content courses not taken previously (3 or 4 of: Abnormal, Social, Cog Neuro, Developmental)

Additional 2000-level elective courses

Research Methods (PSYC 3050) – if not taken previously

Any psychology courses taken abroad

If interested, research apprenticeship by working in a lab (PSYC 2112)

Any special opportunities classes (Junior Honors)

Fourth year:

Any required courses not completed below

Any 3000-level electives

Cog Neuro Seminar (Cog Neuro concentration only) - Winter

Any 2- credit Topics seminars

Any special opportunities classes (Field Experiences, Senior Honors).

All courses in italics are specifically required courses. All other requirements can be met with any combination of courses with the PSYC prefix to meet the minimum number of credit hours for the major.