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Department of Psychology

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Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

Students earning a concentration in cognitive neuroscience gain a strong understanding of the relationship between mind and brain.

You can earn this concentration—created by the departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology—by majoring in either of these programs. You then must major or minor in the other program as well.

Within the major and minor, you must take specific courses focused on the mind and brain, including the cognitive neuroscience specialty seminar in each department.

All psychology degree-seeking undergraduates are eligible for the cognitive neuroscience concentration. Find specific requirements for BA candidates (PDF) and a worksheet of requirements for BS candidates (PDF).

You can also download requirements for the cognitive neuroscience psychology minor (PDF).

The Cognitive Neuroscience concentration requires completing requirements (above and beyond typical major/minor requirements) for both a psychology and biological sciences major/minor. Please visit the Department of Biological Sciences website for information regarding the concentration requirements in biology.