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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Study

What You Will Learn

The Department of Psychology provides you with a broad foundation across areas of psychology relevant to many careers. You will have opportunities to explore a wide range of content and hands-on experience relevant to becoming a mental health professional and conducting research in psychology.

By studying in the Department of Psychology, you'll learn from and work with faculty who are actively researching the latest psychological findings and developments.

In addition to learning how to conduct and understand psychological research, you'll explore:

  • how people change over time: developmental psychology
  • methods of supporting mental well-being and helping those experiencing psychological trauma or dysfunction: clinical psychology
  • how we as humans interact, feel and process our emotions over time: social and affective psychology
  • how the brain operates to support such functions as memory, language and reasoning: cognitive neuroscience

We encourage you to participate in research and our clinical field experience programFaculty research and teaching interests include: cognition, development, emotion and social psychology; memory, neuroscience, child and family therapy; and stress, coping, and trauma.

As a strong research department in an undergraduate-focused University, we provide many opportunities for undergraduates to learn the content and practice of psychology to meet learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental principles of psychology.
  2. Critically evaluate psychological information by applying principles of scientific methods.
  3. Communicate about scientific methods used in psychological research.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of ethics, diversity, and social responsibility in psychological science & practice.