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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Additional Opportunities

Psi Chi & Psychology Club

As a psychology student, you are eligible to join Psychology Club and may be eligible to join Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.

Psi Chi and Psychology Club have joint meetings and events throughout the year.

We now take applications for the Psychology Club and Psi Chi through OrgSync. Please go to to sign up for an account, affiliate with the University of Denver, and apply.

Why join?

  • Get to know other members of the department (both students and faculty).
  • Receive invitations to guest lectures and workshops.
  • Gain information about graduate schools and jobs in the field of psychology.
  • Find research, volunteer and other opportunities.


Psychology Club is open to all University of Denver students who have an interest in psychology, regardless of their major or academic standing.

Membership costs $20. This payment is made on OrgSync.  If you're admitted into Psi Chi as well, we'll deduct your $20 Psychology Club membership fee from the $65 cost of a lifetime Psi Chi membership.


Founded in 1929, DU's chapter of the Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology entitles you to a lifetime membership with the organization. If you're accepted, you must pay a one time $65 membership fee.  This payment is made on OrgSync.

Contact faculty adviser Dr. Leanne ten Brinke at or Madison Gutwein at if you're a graduate student, transfer student or faculty member interested in joining Psi Chi. Please note: All graduate student applicants must earn at least a "B" in all classes to be eligible.

If you're an undergraduate student interested in joining Psi Chi, you must meet these academic requirements:

  1. Complete at least 5 quarters of college courses.
  2. Complete 14-quarter hours of psychology courses. (Contact faculty adviser Dr. Leanne ten Brinke at or Madison Gutwein at to see if any of your transfer credits qualify.)
  3. Declare psychology as either your major or minor.
  4. Rank within the top 35 percent of your class (3.6 GPA or better in general studies and within your psychology program of study).