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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Additional Opportunities


"Internship" is a word that has a special meaning in psychology, but most undergraduate students asking about internships are looking for hands-on experience. The faculty advisors encourage you to get as much hands-on experience in psychology or related fields as you can before you embark on your career or graduate school. There are two broad categories of hands-on experience in psychology: exposure to research (researchers conducting studies to try to examine how people work) and exposure to clinical settings (where therapists and counselors work.

The most in-depth clinically- relevant opportunity that the Department of Psychology offers is a year-long course for seniors called Field Experiences in Psychology.

Students can try their hand at research by working in a research lab in the department of psychology. Students should read more about this opportunity here. Those interested in an in-depth research experience should read more about our Distinction program in Psychology.

Outside of conducting research in a lab or taking the Field Experiences sequence, there is no guarantee that you can get course credit in Psychology for other outside experiences. Even if we will not give course credit, we strongly encourage students to pursue these opportunities. One place to look for hands-on experiences (related to psychology and not) is If you find a hands-on experience that is not at DU, and you are interested in adding an academic component to compliment it, you can try to approach a faculty member with expertise in the academic topic to set up an independent study.