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Department of Psychology

Additional Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Conducting research in our faculty labs enhances what you learn with real training and experiences with the science of psychology. This work can be an important asset when you begin applying for jobs and/or graduate school.

You can get involved in a lab by:

  • earning up to 10-credit hours total of PSYC 2112 (Research Apprenticeship) though an in-lab internship;
  • volunteering in a lab;
  • work-study opportunities, if this is part of your financial aid package;
  • joining the Departmental Distinction Program, in which you will take advanced research methods and complete a senior thesis under the direction of a faculty member.

To find a lab:

  • Look for research assistant postings in Frontier and Nagel halls.
  • Check the student employment site for work-study opportunities.
  • Talk to an instructor.
  • Check the lists of faculty research interests and labs.
  • Email the faculty member to set up an appointment to talk about joining his or her lab.
Labs Accepting Research Assistants for Fall 2019 are listed below.

Automaticity, affect, Control, and Thought (AACT) Lab
Biology, Environments, and Mood Studies (BEAMS) Lab
Child Health and Development Lab
Family and Child Neuroscience (FCN) Lab – Bilingual Students Encouraged
The Protect Lab
Social Detection Lab
Sokol-Hessner Lab
Truth and Trust Lab
Traumatic Stress Studies (TSS) Group - Apply here!
Motivation, Affect, & Cognition Lab
Neurodevelopment Research Program
Visual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition (VPEC) Lab

You may apply for University funding for research in collaboration with a faculty mentor through the Undergraduate Research Center.