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Visual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition Laboratory

Visual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition LaboratoryVisual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition Laboratory

Visual Perception, Emotion, and Cognition Laboratory


Principle Investigator

Timothy Sweeny

Tim Sweeny, PhD

I am an Associate Professor in DU's Department of Psychology. I received my PhD from Northwestern University in 2010. I then spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, before starting the VPEC Lab in Denver in 2013. I teach Perception, Introduction to Cog Neuro, a graduate Proseminar on Emotion, and a Matlab-based course on experimental design and computer programming. I have been an Associate Editor at Emotion since 2018, and I am the head of our department's Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience program.

Frontier Hall, Room 343, (303)-871-2191,

** Interested in joining the crew? I will be considering graduate applications this Fall, both for the ASC and Clinical programs. Please email me for more information.

Graduate Students


Diana Mihalache

Diana is a 6th year clinical-cognitive “hybrid” with a Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience concentration. She studies perception of nonverbal cues, including ensemble coding of facial expressions in typically-developing adults and perception of gaze direction in children with autism spectrum disorder. When not in the lab, Diana hangs out with her dog, Nietzsche, and jumps out of planes.

Undergraduate Students and Research Assistants

Montana Baker

Montana is an OG VPEC Lab member, class of 2018. Now she's back slaying clinical assessments and running experiments.

Zackary George

Zack migrated to the VPEC Lab in 2019. He's in the Psych junior honor's program, and he is hella stoked about consciousness and computers.

Leah Hurwitz

Leah is a junior in our department's honor's program, doing some physics and math on the side.

Paul Keller

Paul is about a pair of moon boots away from dunking a basketball and has a fair amount of interest in the brain.

Mackenzie Maher

Don't mess with Mackenzie. VPEC Lab senior honor's student, 2019.

Ariana Sapp

Ariana is a triple major in Psychology, Art, and being a boss.

Auguste Seong

Auguste is a student at Stanford University, but still finds time to kick it in the VPEC Lab. Auguste loves punk rock, grunge, and generally living out aer life as compost in training.

VPEC Alumni

Larissa Miller, PhD, Clinical Child Psychology. Larissa just started a clinical post-doc in Eugene Oregon!

Elric Elias, PhD, Cognitive Psychology Program. Elric just started a post-doc in Carly Leonard's lab at CU-Denver!