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Religious Studies Department

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Join us to explore the phenomenon of religion and to investigate religious traditions from around the world.

We are a vibrant and supportive learning community. Partner with our well-published, collegial faculty and fellow students to enrich your understanding of religion, and its influence on society.

We have a robust religious studies program, which allows our MA students to acquire strong competencies in the field. Choose from one of our five areas of specialization for a master's degree. These highly specialized areas of study provide you with breadth in training and the opportunity to develop your particular research interests. Once you have completed your MA degree, you may apply for our joint PhD program with the Iliff School of Theology.

"It's different for other people, but we in our green youth have to settle the eternal questions first of all," Ivan explains to his brother Alyosha in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov.

It may be different for other people, but I am one of those who is compelled to face, in Dostoevsky's words, "the eternal questions." I have to scratch that itch. Pursuing a graduate-level degree in religious studies at the University of Denver allowed me to face these questions in a rigorous academic environment with faculty whose work I admired.

I felt the degree would expose me to a great depth of thought surrounding these issues and provide a foundation for future career opportunities.
Timothy Isaacson, MA '13

Degrees that move you toward your future

Religious studies students and alumni use their degrees in a variety of meaningful ways in professional contexts. Program alumni currently work in nonprofit organizations, human resources, university administration, schools, community colleges and universities, as well as those who continue on to doctoral work.

I am currently working at Johnson and Wales University in Denver in civic engagement, and diversity and inclusion programming. I believe that my experience connecting with community and religious groups in the Denver area has helped prepare me for managing public relationships, encouraging an environment of inclusion and understanding for our university, and has prepared me to teach as an adjunct faculty member at the University as well.
Adam Westbrook, MA '09

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