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Department of Religious Studies

Graduate Certificates

 Graduate Certificates

The Department of Religious Studies offers two graduate certificates, one a stand-alone graduate certificate in religious studies, and one open to MA students in our program and in the Korbel School of International Studies, on religion and international affairs.

Both involve a competitive admissions process and require six graduate-level courses. Please read below and see each certificate's individual web page for more detailed information, and please feel free to contact us to discuss which certificate might be the right choice for you. 

 Graduate Certificate in Religious Studies

 The Graduate Certificate in Religious Studies provides students with an opportunity to acquire graduate-level exposure to the academic study of religion and to several of the major world religious traditions. This certificate program provides students with the opportunity to 1) develop an introductory, graduate-level understanding of two major world religious traditions; 2) to gain a grasp of pertinent theoretical approaches to the study of religion; and 3) to engage major issues in a particular religious tradition or aspect of religion.

For students currently enrolled in graduate programs in fields other than religious studies or the study of religion – such as business, international studies, law, or other AHSS disciplines, this certificate will augment the competencies gained in their primary program. For working professionals, particularly those in consulting, journalism, non-profit, public policy, education, human resources, and faith-based employment, or other professions where a knowledge of religious beliefs, practices, and values can be important, this certificate will enhance their professional credentials or expand their expertise to a new arena.

 Graduate Certificate in REligion & INternational Affairs

The Religion and International Affairs Graduate Certificate offers students already pursuing MA degrees in the Department of Religious Studies or the Josef Korbel School of International Studies the opportunity to enhance their scholarly and professional credentials by providing them with specific competencies in the area of religion and international affairs. Drawing primarily on existing course offerings within Religious Studies and International Studies, this program will enable certificate students to develop demonstrable competencies that will help them position themselves for academic, policy, or non-profit careers.

Students who successfully complete the program requirements, which adhere to U.S. federal guidelines mandating a minimum of 24-credit hours of graduate-level coursework, will be awarded a certificate, which will also appear on their final University transcript.