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Department of Religious Studies

Religion & International Affairs Graduate Certificate

 Interdisciplinary Graduate certificate in Religion & International Affairs

The Graduate Certificate in Religion and International Affairs provides students pursuing MA degrees in the Department of Religious Studies (AHSS) or the Josef Korbel School of International Studies with the opportunity to enhance their home program of study with specific expertise in the scholarly and professional field of religion and international affairs. This certificate program emphasizes scholarly and practitioner approaches to understanding the intersections between religion and international affairs in the modern world, providing students with an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary case studies as well as theoretical issues.

The certificate program provides structured flexibility toward the acquisition of theoretical and practical competencies in understanding and being able to demonstrate orally and through written work the intersections of religion and international politics. Certificate requirements include one core course each from the Department of Religious Studies and the Josef Korbel School, with two additional elective courses from each program. To earn the certificate, students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework. Coursework in the student’s home school will count toward meeting the requirements of the degree program into which they were originally admitted. 

 Certificate Courses

Students pursuing this certificate take two core courses, one in International Studies and one in Religious Studies. They take two further elective courses in International Studies, and two in Religious Studies, for a total of six courses.

Core Courses (8 Credits):

INTS 4525 Religion and the State in Comparative Perspective

RLGS 3760 Globalization and Religion


International Studies Elective Courses (8 Credits):

INTS 4526 Modern Islamic Political Thought

INTS 4543 Religion and International Politics: The

Apocalyptic Tradition & Religious Violence

INTS 4620 Introduction to Middle East and Islamic Politics

INTS 4xxx International Law and Religious Freedom


Religious Studies Elective Courses (8 Credits):

RLGS 3301 Islamic Fundamentalism

RLGS 33xx Sharia in the Modern Era

RLGS 3452 Political Theology

RLGS 3693 Religion and the Media

RLGS 3814 Modern Hinduism

RLGS 3890 Religion and Diaspora


Please note: the two core courses are offered in alternating years. 


 Application Process

Interested students from the Religious Studies or the Korbel School of International Studies MA programs will submit an application consisting of a

*500-word personal statement


*undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial are fine)

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of Religious Studies and International Studies faculty. Enrollment is limited and competitive.

Applications are due by email to Nader Hashemi and Andrea Stanton by December 1. Late applications may be considered, space available.


Directors / Contact Information

 The Graduate Certificate in Religion and International Affairs is co-directed by Nader Hashemi, Associate Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and Andrea L Stanton, Associate Professor, Religious Studies.

Please contact Professor Stanton with any questions about the certificate.