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Department of Religious Studies

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Department of Religious Studies

Areas of Study

Undergraduate Program

The University of Denver's undergraduate religious studies program offers students the opportunity to study religion in ways not found at other universities. The religious studies BA is a thoroughly interdisciplinary liberal arts program providing graduates with an excellent basis from which to pursue careers requiring imagination, problem-solving, communication skills and an awareness of human diversity.

Students pursuing a BA in religious studies learn about many of the major religious traditions of the world and investigate how theories of religion can help interpret the religious phenomena that surround us. They focus on lived experience through observation of local religious communities, engage with local communities through service learning and prepare for a wide variety of careers through the development of excellent writing skills.

Master's Degree

Founded in 1979, the University of Denver's religious studies MA program prepares students for PhD work or for teaching, careers in journalism, government and nonprofit organizations in which cross-cultural analytical skills are important. The program emphasizes both breadth of knowledge in several religious traditions as well as room for specialization in select areas of faculty expertise.

Graduate certificate

Our 24-credit hour Graduate Certificate provides you graduate-level exposure to the academic study of religion and to several of the major world religious traditions. This certificate program allows you to:

  • develop an introductory, graduate-level understanding of two major world religious traditions
  • gain a grasp of pertinent theoretical approaches to the study of religion
  • engage major issues in a particular religious tradition or aspect of religion


  • Two 4-credit hour religious traditions courses (Judaism, Islam, Christian Classics, Hinduism Through Texts, etc.)
  • One 4-credit hour theory course (Psychology of Religion, Globalization and Religion, Religion and Morality in the American Public Square, Religious Ethics, etc.)
  • Three 4-credit hour electives (Dead Sea Scrolls, Islamic Fundamentalism, Buddhist Lives, Religion and Race in the United States, etc.)

DU-Iliff Joint PhD Program in the study of religion

Founded in 1981 through a joint partnership between the University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology, the joint PhD program in the study of religion offers an intellectually rich, academically rigorous program of study for students pursuing doctorates in religious and theological studies.

The JDP is administered by the University of Denver on behalf of both schools, but is not housed in the Religious Studies Department. Admission to the joint PhD program requires a MA in religious studies or theological studies.

Students interested in applying should contact the program coordinator for further information.