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Amy Balogh

  • Amy Balogh - Adjunct

    Amy Balogh

Adjunct Professor



PhD, Religious & Theological Studies, University of Denver & Iliff School of Theology

Certificate, Historical & Archaeological Conservation, International Conservation Center — Città di Roma

MA, Bible & Ancient Semitic Languages, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

BA, Biblical Studies, Patten University


Professional biography

We are pleased to welcome back Prof. Amy Balogh to teach The Emergence of Monotheism (Winter '18) and Creation & Humanity (Spring '18). Amy also works as Program Manager at DU's Center for Judaic Studies, where she develops and implements educational and intercultural programming across campus and across the Front Range. She is also a regular contributor and editor for Lexham Press.



Amy's forthcoming book (Fortress Academic Press, 2018), tentatively titled The Ungraven Image: Moses's Status as Yahweh's Mediator Among the Idols of Ancient Mesopotamia, explores the intersection of ancient popular religion and biblical narrative in a way that offers a new reading of one of the Abrahamic Traditions' most beloved and revered figures, Moses.