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Department of Religious Studies

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Faculty & Staff


Adjunct Faculty Members

  • Bridget Blomfield

    Retired Associate Professor, University of Nebraska, Omaha
    Courses taught: RLGS 3500 Islam

  • Amy Balogh - Adjunct

    Amy Balogh

    Courses taught: RLGS/JUST 3002 Creation and Humanity, RLGS/JUST 3086 The Emergence of Monotheism
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  • Jason Purvis

    Jason Purvis

    Religion in the Americas, Global Christianities, Contextualized(Indigenized) Christianities
    Email: [email protected]
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  • Ted Vial - Adjunct

    Ted Vial

    Professor of Theology & Modern Western Religious Thought, Iliff School of Theology
    Courses taught: RLGS 3203 Christianity

Retired Faculty Members

Deceased Faculty members

  • Luis Leon

    Luís León

    Religions in the Americas, Postcolonialism, Latina/o Studies
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  • Olesia Stockhold
    Program Coordinator
    Sturm Hall 266
    Phone: 303-871-2749
    Email: [email protected]