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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

What is the purpose of AHSS-SAC?

The purpose of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Student Advisory Council is:

  • To facilitate communication and relationships between Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences students and faculty through event programming and professional events;
  • To foster increased awareness and visibility of the AHSS identity;
  • To develop a student voice in AHSS event programming;
  • To be actively engaged in improving AHSS student spirit and university school spirit as a collective whole.

Our officers for 2016-2017

Peter Leach, President

Majors: Psychology, International Studies

peterleachWhat would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?

This year we really want to make sure every AHSS student is qualified and well-prepared for his or her field of study in the years succeeding college.  We want to facilitate AHSS students to gather and ask questions, study, meet with faculty, or simply hangout and network.

Shelby Dolen, VP of Alumni Relations

Majors: Socio Legal Studies, Film Productionshelbyd

Why is liberal arts education important to you?

The study of liberal arts is well rounded, giving every student a broad and diverse education.  I believe that it is pertinent to gain knowledge across a spectrum of subjects.  By learning the foundation of a subject, a person is broadening their own thinking skills and learning to connect ideas.  These skills will provide a basis for a successful future career.

Jenna Powell, VP of Communication and Social Media

Majors: Psychology, Biology

jennapWhy is a liberal arts education important to you?

My classes in AHSS have been incredibly important in holistically shaping my educational experience.  A liberal arts education has given me exposure to different ways of thinking in different fields, a deeper understanding of the world around me, and has shaped me to be a forward-thinking and socially aware student. 

Maggie Sweeney, VP of Finance

Majors: Political Science, Journalism


What would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?

I plan to enhance the simplicity and prevalence of student relations within the AHSS community, as well as connections with DU alumni.  I hope to find ways to help out old and new students clarify their intended academic paths through a variety of programming and events, such as the biweekly Community Collectives.

Dory Rosenthal, VP of Programming and Events

Majors: Anthropology, English

What would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?Maggie SAC

This year I will passionately and enthusiastically work to make the image of AHSS notable and reach out to the DU community.  I would like to see the events and programs offered be inclusive, interactive and inviting to those who attend and create community among students and faculty.

SAC Officer Meetings
All students are welcome to attend SAC officer meetings.