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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Languages & Literatures

Languages & Literatures Department

Many Languages: One DU

Upcoming Changes for Fall 2020

Beginning fall of 2020, the Department of Languages and Literatures will be succeeded by two new departments in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. At the same time, the Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC) will begin providing all language courses at the first-year level.

The Spanish major and minor programs will be in a new Department of Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies (SLLCS). The new Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LL&C) will house the following programs: Arabic, Chinese, French and Francophone Studies, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.

SLLCS Mission Statement

The Department of Spanish Language, Literary, and Cultural Studies recognizes Spanish both as a local language with a long and rich history in the United States and as a global language spoken by millions of people around the world. The Department promotes the critical study of—and active engagement with—the diverse range of linguistic, literary, social, political, and cultural experiences associated with these local and global communities.

LL&C Mission Statement

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures prepares and engages students to become informed international citizens, who develop effective multi-lingual and cultural communication expertise and problem-solving skills. Our students apply their linguistic and cultural competencies to a wide variety of majors, careers, and future global challenges, while deepening their empathy for and curiosity about the diversity of human experiences. The department develops, supports, and showcases faculty scholarship in our areas of interest. Our faculty and students collaborate on opportunities that advance scholarly inquiry, cultivate critical and creative thought, and generate knowledge, for our department, the College, the University, and our local and global communities.

CWLC Mission Statement

The Center for World Languages & Cultures strives to prepare students to advance their skills to better understand and promote understanding of cultural and linguistic differences. To promote engaged learning, teaching, and practice of the world's languages and cultures; to integrate languages and cultures into all disciplines and fields of study; and to build and support interculturally competent communities through the exploration and experience of languages and cultures at the University of Denver with its local and global communities and partners.