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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Socio-Legal Studies

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Socio-Legal Studies

Law has long been one way of ordering and understanding the world. Students who major or minor in Socio-Legal Studies—an interdisciplinary program within the Division of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences—focus on fascinating questions that strike at the heart of modern society:

  • How does law operate in people's everyday lives?
  • How do social institutions shape law? How are social institutions shaped by law?
  • How does law empower and constrain individuals, groups, organizations, and communities?

Students in the interdisciplinary Socio-Legal Studies program can choose from a variety of classes offered by DU's sociology, political science, philosophy, environmental science, and media, film, and journalism studies departments. In Fall, 2019, a Socio-Legal Studies course for undergraduates will be offered by the law school.

See information for majors, information for minors, a list of our upcoming classes and learn about the faculty from various departments who contribute to the Socio-Legal Studies program.