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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Socio-Legal Studies

Socio-Legal Studies Major

Areas of Study

Requirements for the Major

Due to credit hour re-alignment in some departments in fall 2012, some 5.0 credit hour courses have been reduced to 4.0 credit hour courses. This means students graduating in fall 2012 or after must complete at least 40 quarter credit hours in Socio-Legal Studies.

Required courses

  • PLSC 1810: Introduction to Law & Society (also fulfills Scientific Inquiry: Society requirement)
  • SOCI 2120: Methods of Socio-Legal Inquiry (sophomore standing required)
  • PLSC 2755: Legal Actors and Institutions

Students may choose from a variety of electives to complete the major

To ensure a broad education, students majoring in Socio-Legal Studies must also complete a second major. Credits in the major must be earned at the level of "C-" or better, and the grade point average in major courses must be at least 2.0 to graduate.

We strongly encourage students to complete an internship and study abroad. Please see the Socio-Legal Studies Director Randy Wagner to discuss such opportunities.

The major is not a pre-professional degree. Students may be interested in attending law school, but law schools do not require a particular major or curriculum.

This major provides students with critical thinking and writing skills essential inside and outside the legal field.

For more detailed information about the Socio-Legal Studies major, visit our Portfolio page.