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Scott Phillips

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Scott Phillips

Sturm Hall 408
Phone: 303-871-2059
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areas of expertise/research interests

Capital Punishment and Conflict Management

professional biography

Scott Phillips is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. He is currently engaged in two lines of scholarship – one empirical, one theoretical. His empirical research focuses on the arbitrary administration of capital punishment, and contributes to enduring questions about whether the death penalty is constitutional and just. His theoretical research focuses on Donald Black's new and innovative ideas regarding conflict, and contributes to our understanding of how people handle grievances with one another. He teaches the following courses: Capital Punishment; Conflict and the Law; Crime over Time; Criminology; Statistics; and Wrongful Conviction.   

Personal website:


PhD    Sociology, University of Georgia
MA     Sociology, Louisiana State University
BA      History, Texas Christian University

selected publications

Cooney, Mark and Scott Phillips. 2017. "When will academics contest intellectual conflict?" Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 10: 1-15.

Paternoster, Ray and Scott Phillips. 2016. "Little by little: The case of Duane Edward Buck." Amicus 37:40-48.

Phillips, Scott and Mark Cooney.  2015.  “The electronic pillory:  Social time and hostility toward capital murderers.”  Law and Society Review 49(3): 725-759.

Lin, Jeffrey and Scott Phillips. 2014. "Media coverage of capital murder: Exceptions sustain the rule." Justice Quarterly 31(5): 934-959.

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Phillips, Scott. 2009. "Legal disparities in the capital of capital punishment." Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 99(3):717-756.

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Phillips, Scott, Jacqueline Hagan, and Nestor Rodriguez. 2006. "Brutal borders? Examining the treatment of deportees during arrest and detention." Social Forces 85(1):93-110.

Phillips, Scott and Mark Cooney. 2005. "Aiding peace, abetting violence: Third parties and the management of conflict." American Sociological Review 70(2):334-354.

Phillips, Scott. 2003. "The social structure of vengeance: A test of Black's model." Criminology 41(3):673-708.

Phillips, Scott and Ryken Grattet. 2000. "Judicial rhetoric, meaning-making, and the institutionalization of hate crime law." Law and Society Review 34 (3):567-606.