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Nancy Reichman

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Nancy Reichman

Emerita Professor
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areas of expertise/research interests

Criminology; Complex Organizations; Women and Public Policy; Law and Society

professional biography

Nancy Reichman is Emerita Professor in the Department of Sociology & Criminology at the University of Denver. She recently edited the socio-legal journal, Law & Policy. Reichman's research has focused on the barriers and opportunities for women´s equity and advancement, particularly in the legal profession, the regulation of performance in business and sport, and global environmental regulations. Her most current project examines how workplace policy and practice is refracted through a kaleidoscope of institutions (criminal justice, housing, transportation, education, and financial lending institutions) to create persistent challenges for low wage workers and the ongoing conditions of living poorly for too many working women. She is serving as Director of Research at the Colorado Women's College and is a mayoral appointee to the Denver Women's Commission. Reichman received her PhD in Urban Studies and Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, her MPA from New York University, and her BA from New College in Sarasota, Florida.


PhD    Urban Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MPA   Graduate School of Public Administration, New York University
BA      New College, Sarasota, Florida

selected publications

Sterling, Joyce S. and Nancy Reichman. 2016. "Overlooked and Undervalued: Women in Private Law Practice." Annual Review of Law and Social Science 12: 373-393 (

Sefiha, Ophir and Nancy Reichman. 2016. "When Every Test is a Winner: Clean Cycling, Surveillance, and the New Preemptive Governance." Journal of Sport & Social Issues 40(3): 197-217.

Canan Penelope, Stephen Andersen, Nancy Reichman, and Brian Gareau. 2015. "Introduction to the Special Issue on Ozone Layer Protection: The extraordinary experience of building the Montreal Protocol, lessons learned, and hopes for future climate change efforts." Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 5(2): 111-121.

Sefiha, Ophir and Nancy Reichman. 2014. "Be(Coming) Clean: Confessions as Governance in Professional Cycling." Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies 6(2): 177-196.

Ruan, Nantiya and Nancy Reichman. 2014. "Hours Equity is the New Pay Equity." Villanova Law Review 59: 35-81.

Reichman, Nancy and Joyce S. Sterling. 2013. "Parenthood Status and Compensation in Law Practice." Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 20(2): 1203-1222.

Sterling, Joyce S. and Nancy Reichman. 2013. "Navigating the Gap: Reflections on 15 Years Researching Gender Disparity in the Legal Profession." Florida International University Law Review 8(2).

Reichman, Nancy and Ophir Sefiha. 2013. "Regulating Performance Enhancing Technologies: A Comparison of Professional Cycling and Derivatives Trading." The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 649: 98-119.

Canan Penelope and Nancy Reichman. 2002. Ozone Connections: Expert Networks in Global Environmental Governance. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing.  

2005. Japanese translation of Ozone Connections. Tokyo: Nippon Hyoronsha Co. Ltd. (translated by Tsutomu Odagiri).